Things to do in Nashville

City of Nashville

There are a lot many things to do in Nashville. But generally, it is a place calling all lovers of music and is itself called as the music city. There are many visiting places for the music lovers to tour and enjoy the American music here. Here the blend of old traditions with the modern life is worth experiencing. It is a place where every season is enjoyable. Al the year round we can get many things to do in Nashville. Some of the most important places to visit and various things to do in Nashville are discussed here.

1) Visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum with its eloquent seasoned instruments, rhinestone costumes and tear-stained lyric sheets just kept in the museum to attract the music lovers. Also enjoy the Music City Walk of Fame right across the road situated in Walk of Fame Park. This is the place where music celebrities who stayed and played in Nashville are usually honored with sidewalk stars.

2) Then there is the Ryman Auditorium where artists like Bon Jovi have done records and performance. It showcases various never-before-seen documents of music and musicians, awards and achievements, costumes, and instruments. Attend a tour of the backstage or record any music of your own here.

3) Covering different music studios and museums are worth in the tour list of things to do in Nashville. You can also visit the RCA studio which is known to be the historic studio where Elvis Presley recorded his songs over and again. Along with him, Roy Orbison, Chet Atkins, Dolly Parton, Eddy Arnold and several others recorded their classic hits at this place.

4) The Tennessee State Museum is said to be one of the largest state museums in the nation with interpretive exhibits beginning 15,000 years ago and which continues through the early 20th century. They have special displays of silver, furniture, quilts, paintings and weapons produced by Tennesseans. It is one of the most important things to do in Nashville to know the rich history and culture of the people here.

5) One may like to visit the Nashville Parthenon art museum. This is a full-scale replica of the original Greek Parthenon in Athens and was built in 1897 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. With the modernity today, the replica of the Greek landmark serves as an art museum featuring classical works along with the work of the modern artists such as Andy Warhol.

6) Have a good exploration of the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. It was constructed to celebrate and commemorate the 200th year centenary of the state of Tennessee. This mall takes after the fashion of the Mall in Washington DC and was nicely designed by the local architectural firm of Tuck-Hinton. It is commonly called as the Bicentennial Mall. It is really a free outdoor museum that can be included in a walking tour of things to do in Nashville.

7) The Grand Ole Opry is another stop of music country or the city filled with great musicians. Artists like Patsy Cline, Tex Ritter, Dolly Parton, Minnie Pearl, and Loretta Lynn all performed here making it the place to emerge as big names in the entertainment history. It is still continuing the launching of different careers.

8) Apart from the musical things to do in Nashville, many can go for the old ways of recreational activities in amusement parks and one of them is the Tie Breaker Family Aquatic Center is situated just 45 minutes to north of Nashville and is usually open to visitors from the Memorial Day Weekend throughout the Labor Day Weekend. This is a local water park offering fun plays for kids and relaxing area for grownups. It is a complete family fun park.

9) One can choose over the various things to do in Nashville to go to the Adventure Science Center which was previously known to all as the Children's Science Museum. This is located at 800 Fort Negley Blvd. in Nashville and supports endless educational activities. It provides fun and learning all the year round and showcases different on-going special exhibits and events to entertain little children.

10) One of the different things to do in Nashville people prefer is to for gazing stars. It offers the people some of the best weather and clearest skies to make the view of celestial wonders and shooting stars a lifetime experience. Various local astronomy organizations give this opportunity for beginners to veteran astronomers. With the help of a number of the most advanced telescopes you can enjoy the night sky with your family.

There is a lot of rich cultural and fun filled activities to carry out in the Nashville area. This place is amazing to organize holidays to business meetings. It provides a complete relaxation of mind and body. Apart from museums to entertainment parks to fun activities it gives a completely enjoyable tour to people from all age groups.

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