Things to do in Tulsa

City of Tulsa

Tulsa is the second major city in the Oklahoma. One can enjoy and enter into a lifetime holiday tour to Tulsa for some of the world’s most admirable nightlife places and shopping destinations. One can have a rich experience of the art and architecture that this dynamic city provides. Here are some of the places of attraction and things to do in Tulsa.

1. River skate Park

It is an amazing park having just 24 high –flying elements. It got its design from the American Ramp Company. Pipes grind rails and jump boxes make the environment a complete for novice to experienced skaters. It provides a fantastic skyline as the backdrop of the park. Onlookers enjoy from the things to do in Tulsa, many stunts form the secure fencing and the view is worth watching.

2. Blue Dome Entertainment District

It is the place where you can be yourself and enjoy the various things to do in Tulsa with the eateries, local boutiques, pubs and the complete nightlife. The idea of the place is derived from the famous Blue Dome, which is a rebuilt Gulf Oil station. The Tulsa district serves complete entertainment live at any hours of the day, every day of a week and all the year long. Some of the best treat place names of the area are the Arnie’s Bar, El Guapo’s Mexican Cantina, and several other locales including the Back Alley Blues.

3. Phil-brook Museum of Art

For lovers of art and the learners too, this is a place where you can taste the opulence and refinement of 1920s. This famous fine arts museum once used to be the mansion of Tulsa oilman Waite Phillips. Now the museum stands tall with the varied arts and decorations for the visitors worldwide. It is not limited to art pieces inside the building in things to do in Tulsa, the gardens too are designed as per traditional Italian and French styles.

4. Tulsa Space and Air Museum & Planetarium

You can explore the rich space and air model and traditional aircraft displays inside the planetarium. One would surely love to have the 3-D experience of the space. Along with all the family members and especially the children, you can tour and sit inside the plane cockpit of fighter jets. It provides for the most of the adventurous flight stimulators.

5. Tulsa Zoo

You can also get into the Tulsa zoo for a wonderful experience of watching Australian kangaroos, African lions, South American jaguars and other wild animals. Also include the Safari train ride in the list of things to do in Tulsa. Enjoy all the exhibits, interactive audio visual displays, and walk through caves. It also consists of an underwater viewing station that can be utilized to check the life under deep waters.

6. Cherry Street/15th District Street

This is the place between South Utica Avenue and South Peoria Avenue where each Saturday morning, one can see the colorful and striped tents. This is the place where you get various things to do in Tulsa. Here you find tents of organic vegetables and fruits. This is the place where the crowd of foodies, gardeners and various other persons love finding and buying various fresh food items and flowers.

7. Utica Square

Utica Square in Tulsa fulfils all your shopping things to do in Tulsa. It satisfies the complete hunger of fashion and decorations. It houses the complete collection of the home department to designer stores. Go for the variety of shoes to posh purses. Here you can enjoy various eateries and coffee shops. Some of the most renowned is the Topeca coffee at Queenie’s, the crab cakes and stuffed Italian bread at The Wild Fork. You can shop and then relax at any spa of world class facilities.

8. Attend Any Live Music Show

Tulsa provides various enjoyable music shows as things to do in Tulsa for the music lovers. The iconic Cain’s Ballroom is here where you can enjoy music from some of world’s most popular musicians today. The ballroom provides for many artists’ performance and also various ball groups to perform. So here you can enjoy art in its complete live mood. Book yourself a spot in the colossal BOK Centre to have the experience of an amazing live entertainment show.

9. Gilcrease Museum

It houses the most beautiful collection of arts and artifacts of the Western American influence. Antique maps, historical manuscripts and various other pieces of art is what you can select from the things to do in Tulsa. You can see art works from John Singer Sergeant, Daniel Chester French, William Merritt Chase, John James Audubon and many others.

10. Tulsa River Parks

Here is the ultimate place to relax and carry out various recreational activities by one and all. It has playgrounds, Water Park and fishing area for enjoyment.

This place called Tulsa is worth visiting and exploring more than these listed ones.

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