Things to do in Philadelphia

City of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city, also known as The City of Brotherly Love, is a city that is truly a visitor’s delight. With a wide variety of unique and unforgettable places to visit and things to do in Philadelphia, this city should surely be one of the must visit places for every travel-lover. There are a large number of things to do in Philadelphia, and it has something for each and every kind of visitor and tourist. A large tourist industry is what proves the fact that this is one of the favorite destinations of several people across the globe.

Some of the best tourist attractions and highly recommended things to do in Philadelphia for you:

1. Visit: Franklin Square

Visiting this place should undoubtedly one of the top things to do in Philadelphia. Franklin Square, at 6th and Race Streets, offers visitors some of the most interesting things to do in Philadelphia.

It includes an 18-hole miniature golf course, is home to the Philadelphia Park Liberty Carousel- a tribute to the heritage of carousel making of this great city, a storytelling bench and a fountain among the several of the other attractions.

2. Shopping

If you are a shopaholic, then this surely should be the top of your list of things to do in Philadelphia. As a shopper’s paradise, you can do tax-free shopping in Philadelphia, and get the best of everything.

Some of the best shopping destinations include the Di Bruno Bros., which is a food emporium which is undoubtedly a foodie’s heaven; the Peddler’s Village, which is home to 70 specialty shops, 5 restaurants and an inn with over 70 rooms, and the Reading Terminal market, which is also the U.S.’s oldest continuously operating farmers’ market which now has over 80 vendors.

3. Take a tour

Definitely, this is one of the best things to do in Philadelphia if you want to go for sightseeing: take a guided tour. With a high number of tourists coming to Philadelphia each year, there are now plenty of tour options available, giving visitors the opportunity of seeing the city by both land and sea. Some of the various tour options available include the RiverLink Freedom Ferry, the LandShark Tours and so on.

4. Experience the ‘spook’: Ghost tours

So looking for some scary and spooky things to do in Philadelphia? Well then, take a ghost tour- give a shot to Philadelphia’s unusual night-time attraction! A candlelight walk through one of the most historic and ‘haunted’ cities of the United States would surely be a highly spooky and scary experience for you. These guided tours will lead you through the Independence Hall taking you to all the haunted spots of Philadelphia! This surely is a ghost movie in real life.

5. Sports: Visit the best of sport places

A sports freak or someone who loves playing them? Or even both? Doesn’t matter, Philadelphia has it all for you. Within Philadelphia is the Fairmount Park, the biggest municipal park of the earth. This, however, is the beginning.

Home of the Philadelphia Union, the first Major League Soccer club in the region, Philadelphia offers a lot of other sporting opportunities and facilities ranging from hiking to biking and boating, all of which are near and close to the Centre City.

6. Films, music and art

If these are your things, then Philadelphia most definitely has you covered. With a penchant for performing and visual arts, Philadelphia is surely a delight for visitors with a taste in any of the arts, be it fine arts, music or theatre.

The Fringe Festival, presented by the Fringe Arts, is surely the event to be witnessed for fans of new and experimental theatre. A must watch for everyone.

The Bridgette Mayer Gallery and the Philly Art Experience, featuring works from benefiting BalletX comprising of works by over 200 artists of all sorts- new and well-known, neighboring and global.

7. Hotels: Experience the best of hospitality

Philadelphia undoubtedly has a great hotel industry, which has also witnessed a big boom in the past two decades. With accommodation suiting to all needs and budgets, you can be sure that even a simple stay in a room at Philadelphia will be memorable. For all those who love the living in hotels, Philadelphia offers everything ranging from five-diamond luxury hotels to suites and B&Bs, all along with the best in both services and prices. Surely, after covering a large number of things to do in Philadelphia, relaxing in a great hotel room could be very well what you would need.

Visiting Philadelphia surely should be your priority if you are a travel enthusiast and want a unique and unforgettable experience. Visit Philadelphia, experience the best of all genres and have an experience that you will cherish and remember a lifetime, for it has everything for everyone, ranging from sports to arts to theatre and music. Definitely, Philadelphia is every tourist’s paradise and a must visit city.

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