Things to do in Charlotte

City of Charlotte

Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and located in the United States of America. According to U.S census board the population of Charlotte is 775,202 as per 2012 calculation and it is the 17th largest city in population in the US. The Charlotte metropolitan area is 23rd in rank as the largest city in the USA and having a population of 2, 296, and 596 as per 2012 calculation. This city is a major financial center in the US and the second largest financial city after New York City. Charlotte has a humid subtropical climate and is located southeast of Norman Lake and east of the Catawba River. Also another two man-made lakes are there near the city such as mountain Island Lake and Lake Wylie. The people of Charlotte are known as charlotteans. This city has many interesting and historical places to see. Each year many tourists come and visit this place.

You will find many things to do in Charlotte such as family fun, arts, shopping, dining etc. Also you will find many interesting and attractive places to visit. Name of few places to visit at Charlotte are Daniel stow botanical garden, red gold mine, victory lane indoor karting center, Charlotte nature museum, wing haven gardens etc. All of them are very attractive place and you will find many activities and things to do in Charlotte.

Daniel stow botanical garden are constructed on 110 acres area and conservatory of different types of flowers such as orchid etc. You will find many things to do in Charlotte such as wonderful education classes, summer camps, group tour, school program etc at Daniel stow botanical garden. You can enroll yourself or your child or any family member there by registering online form or also you can call them directly for enrollment.

Other important things to do in Charlotte are to visit Red gold mine which is one of the most important historic places in North Caroline. This was the first site where gold was found in the United States. Then gradually they found gold mines in many countries and in southern states. The value of gold recover here is over one million dollars in a year. A man named John Reed discovered this place in the year of 1799 and after a long time he started gold mining operations there by making a partnership with three local men. The things to do in Charlotte like you can watch many shows and which reveal many histories behind this mine. In most of these shows admission is free and open to public.

Victory lane indoor karting center is a racing kart in Charlotte. You will find many things to do in Charlotte at Victory lane indoor karting center such as you can organize a small party, exhibition, trade show etc.

Another place to visit there is Carolina Raptor Center. You will get to see many lovely and colorful birds there. You will definitely like the tour and will learn more about the birds they have rescued.

Wing Haven Gardens was constructed in the year of 1927 and you can keep a schedule to visit this place as things to do in Charlotte list. This is a bird sanctuary and covered 3 acre place with brick walls. There you will find many different types of birds.

Summertime is perfect to visit the Lazy 5 Ranch. There you will get to see different types of animal and their activities such as horse, deer, giraffe, rhino, pig, camel etc. But one important thing is no pet is allowed inside the Lazy 5 Ranch. This is a unique experience of the Lazy 5 Ranch and you will see there over 750 animals from all over the world.

To explore the Charlotte city, Charlotte Center City Carriage Tour is perfect. You can keep some time in your things to do in Charlotte list during this tour. This is a horse drawn tour so you will get a new experience of horse riding as well.

Mint Museum Randolph is a cultural institution in Charlotte. In Mint Museum Randolph and in the mint Museum Uptown, together there are more than hundred of collections showcasing design and art from globe.

Other than visiting these places also you will find many activities and other things to do in Charlotte such as entertainment and night life, shopping, dining etc.

The most entertaining destination is Epicenter. There you will find many restaurants; nightlife and more open air corridors. This place is having around 25,000 square foot event venue.

Another place for entertainment and nightlife is the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. There you will get an open air music venue, friendly and relaxing atmosphere and can spend time with your nearest one.

Also there are many things and activities to do in Charlotte and to spend your holiday it will be an exact destination. By visiting many gardens in Charlotte you can get fresh air and also can spend time with your children and family.

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