Things to do in Bakersfield

City of Bakersfield

Bakersfield is a city that is part of Kern County. You may have heard about this county in relation to the heavy oil industry presence. Oil is not the only thing that this city and county is known for. One will also find other heavy industries; all related to energy, such as natural and oil refinement at this place. You are obviously not going to travel all the way across to country to see oil industries. That is why, you will be pleased indeed that Bakersfield has a number of tourism oriented events.

The city is well known for its museums, sports stadiums, natural history observation centers. The place may as rich with diverse ways of spending time as other, more popular destinations. Yet, if you were to visit any of the following hotspots, you won't return disappointed.

Kern County Museum

This is the first place that you will visit when you come to Bakersfield. The entire museum is easily divided into two sections. There are collections and then you have exhibitions, among the things to do in Bakersfield. Exhibitions are seasonal events and are usual setup on an ongoing basis. For instance, exhibitions that depict the oil industry and model villages have been organized recently. The permanent collection is available for viewing in the collections part of the museum that includes historic photos as well as architectural collections.

Fox Theater

With entertainment making its slow but sure movement from the big screen to the small screen, it is possible that movie theatres may die out. Something similar would have happened to the Fox Theater, among the things to do in Bakersfield. The theatre seems to have found a way out and has been recently renovated to meet the needs of modern entertainment seekers.

Rabobank Arena

Fox Theater is strictly a movie experience. Rabobank Arena is another movie screening center that also has a well laid out convention center, among the things to do in Bakersfield. If you are touring through the city as part of a convention center and business meeting purposes, you might as well check out the latest movie flick. Make a pleasant movie evening out of it.

McMurtry Aquatic Centre

The aquatic center is more like a huge swimming pool that also has some games built on it. It is not exactly a theme park, but is still good fun. Those who are making their way and have to make a stop in Bakersfield can spend the hot afternoon at the aquatic center, among the things to do in Bakersfield.

Buena Vista Museum of Natural History

Museums are found in every city, but what is rare though are natural history museums. Buena Vista Museum of Natural History is one of those rare museums that you will not find in every city. This is where you would come if you want to learn how nature has shaped the world around us over the last thousands of years. It will make for an interesting evening for those who are naturally curious about the natural beauty, among the things to do in Bakersfield.

Riverlakes Ranch

A ranch is something that you are familiar with. Then again, you may not have seen or experienced that is also a golf course, among the things to do in Bakersfield. Combining the best of both worlds is Riverlakes Ranch which provides a, one of a kind Scottish experience, right here in Bakersfield. In order to create a more challenging golfing experience, the ranch comes with twelve man-made lakes which make for great views as well.

Camelot Park

Those looking for a simple evening at the pool would be happy with what the McMurtrey Aquatic Center has to offer, among the things to do in Bakersfield. Now what if you are looking for a full-fledged water theme park experience? Bakersfield city is not going to give up on you like that. Camelot Park is the best water based theme park in the county and you should definitely be part of the water games here.

Ernst Quarries

Fossil hunting is something of a novelty. There are very few places where there is an abundance of fossil rocks and Ernst Quarries happens to be one such place, among the things to do in Bakersfield. Be part of an adventure and go searching like real life explorers. You never know what you might find on these trips, but exciting times it will be.

Hart Park

Every city has a unique weather that is associated with it. Then again, big cities have a way of hiding their true spirits. To enjoy the real weather of Bakersfield, you should take an evening walk or just relax on the well maintained grass in Hart Park, among the things to do in Bakersfield. Bring a picnic bag for best results and carry some games with you. The park is wide and covers a total area of almost twenty acres. You can think of a lot of ways to spend time, once you are here.

Unity Church

Unity Church is associated with a new movement of religious path for people. The Unity Church in Bakersfield is an important building that helps those who want to be part of this new movement. You may be interested in what they have to say or not. Nevertheless, the building itself is filled with a number of memorabilia and has an interesting architecture, among the things to do in Bakersfield.

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