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There is no shortage of big cities in America and Cleveland happens to be among the fifty largest cities in this country. The city, whose residents are referred to as 'Clevelanders' has a number of nicknames which tell a lot about the city in very few words. The nick names that you will run into when travelling through Cleveland are 'The Forest City' and 'Metropolis of the Western Reserve' and even 'Sixth City'. Clevelanders are fond of giving their favorite city a lot of nick names. So, this is just a selection of the best.

The city has a great many views, monuments and sights to see for the occasional as well as seasonal tourists. Those who are packing their bags for Cleveland should definitely experience the following ten hot spots.

Progressive Field

Some may consider that a basketball field is named 'Progressive Field' but that is how it is called in Cleveland. The Progressive Field is the home ground for the Cleveland Indians. The companion sports complex for Progressive Field is Quicken Loans Arena. If you are in this city and there is a match schedule to be played, you would be wise to spend an evening or afternoon enjoying some top quality athletic action. The facilities are top notch and you are guaranteed some fantastic sports moments here and is among the Things to do in Cleveland.

Ghostly Manor

There are entertainment rides about fantasy characters that you may have experienced in other cities. Only in Cleveland do you get to experience the paranormal. The Ghostly Manor is a family oriented, rides themed center and is among the Things to do in Cleveland. You can take part in more than one rides that promise to take you through the scary world of imaginative ghosts and thrilling experiences. The venue is equipped with motion rides and 3D visuals.

Great Lakes Science Centre

Museums usually have a long history attached to them, with most of them having at least a hundred years behind them. The Great Lakes Science Centre is a bit of an oddity here, for it is relatively new, having opened for visitors only in 1996and is among the Things to do in Cleveland. Let that not deter you from spending a day or two at this technology center. Specifically, the Great Lakes Science Center has some of the most extensive exhibits that are related to NASA. You can a watch and learn a lot of about NASA's past here.

Cleveland Museum

While the science center is relatively new, Cleveland Museum is almost a century old. Over its long history, the management of the museum has filled the halls of this great museum with artwork that dates back to the oldest centuries. You will also find modern pieces of art and is among the Things to do in Cleveland. Works of George Bellows and Pablo Picasso are some of the prominent artist renditions you will find here.

Terminal Tower

Every city has its own landmark skyscraper and so does Cleveland. That 'landmark' skyscraper in Cleveland is Terminal Tower. The skyscraper, constructed in the 1920s, has over fifty two squares. The building does have a visitor’s deck and access to the visitor’s deck is open all days. If you are lucky and the weather is clear, you can see as far as thirty kilometers of Cleveland City in all directions. Photographers will love this building and the sights available from the visiting deck and are among the Things to do in Cleveland.

Battery Park Marina

Fishing and boat riding is among the simplest ways of enjoying the vacation without having to run around and get tired. Such opportunities are available at this private establishment, Battery Park Marina. You will find a number of vacation services, a private pool and a restaurant at this center and is among the Things to do in Cleveland.

Botanical Garden

You will find many botanical gardens spread all over America. The Cleveland Botanical Garden was the first of its kind and in many ways; it is still the best such garden in the country. You will find a number plants and insect species in this garden. When you are here, ensure that you spend a lot of time at the recently added 'The Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse' and is among the Things to do in Cleveland.

Art Brut

You will have a lot of opportunity to enjoy Cleveland specific music concerts in this city. Of all the experiences that the city has to offer, you should put the concerts of Art Brut at the top of the heap. The band is very popular and if you are a fan, this is an experience that you cannot miss and is among the Things to do in Cleveland.

Barrington Golf Club

Golf is the best way to relax at the end of a long touring experience. For those who want to spend some quality time swinging the club, the finest destination in Cleveland is at Barrington Golf Club. This 18 hold golf course will challenge you like no other golf course and is among the Things to do in Cleveland.

Greater Cleveland Aquarium

This is one of the most recent additions to the city of Cleveland. With a total exhibition space of over seventy thousand square feet, has an incredible collection of marine life. One of the highlights of this place is the shark tunnel, where you get to see more than fifteen shark species and is among the Things to do in Cleveland. Do not forget to take your camera and kids to see this shark display.

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