Things to do in Omaha

City of Omaha

Oklahoma City is of course the capital city of Oklahoma State. As is the case with most capital cities in America, the city is the largest city in the state and plays host to a number of important historical and commercial centers. The city is known for its livestock, and the largest market for livestock is in this city. The city plays an important in role connecting the two destinations - Mexico and Texas. Of course, there are a lot of things for you to see in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City Museum of Art

For a city of its stature, it is impossible to imagine that Oklahoma City would go without a museum. The Oklahoma City Museum of Art, among the Things to do in Oklahoma City, presentations comprise of three things - resident collection of art, travelling collection of art that has been brought in by artists and other museums and finally movie presentations. When you are here, don't forget to catch the full view of Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick Memorial Tower.

Civic Centre Music Hall

One thing that every traveler appreciates is how tightly connected is music to the local culture. When you are in Oklahoma City, among the Things to do in Oklahoma City, you want to experience the local culture. The best way to do that is to be part of the audience of many events at the Civic Centre Music Hall. The civic center maintains an excellent website which provides details about upcoming shows and is always packed with people.

Science Museum Oklahoma

Some parents would like to take the opportunity of a vacation to help their children understand about science. If you are in Oklahoma City, Science Museum Oklahoma is the best place to have some fun and also allow your children to learn some grand things about science. The museum is packed with practical models, demonstrations and shows that will keep any child occupied for hours. The museum is among the Things to do in Oklahoma City.

Myriad Botanical Gardens

Every city has parks and as the state capital, so does Oklahoma City. For those of you who want to enjoy the weather in its truest from right in the middle of the city, Oklahoma City's answer is the 17 acre Myriad Botanical Gardens. The park, among the Things to do in Oklahoma City, is an interactive park. This means, the park is well equipped to allow your kids to have fun with lots of games, while you can sit back and enjoy the fresh air of trees and plants of all kinds.

Oklahoma City Zoo

For those who are not too excited about plants will surely be more excited about the animals. Oklahoma City will not disappoint with that regard for it has an excellent zoo. The zoo has a healthy mix of land based and water based animals. Every now and then, the zoo does organize animal feeding days where participants can feed the animals. That definitely sounds like a lot of fun. If you are here, among the Things to do in Oklahoma City, you should give it a go and grab some nice pictures while doing so.

Chelino's Mexican Restaurant

With all the travelling you will be doing, it is only natural that you will become seriously hungry. If you are in this city, you must try some Mexican food. The best place that we can recommend for Mexican cuisine is Chelino's Mexican Restaurant. There are multiple restaurants that are spread around many locations around the city. Pick the closest one and enjoy some fine Mexican food at this restaurant, among the Things to do in Oklahoma City,.?

Arcadia Lake

There are natural lakes and then there are lakes that are built. Arcadia Lake belongs to the latter category, having built as recently as 1987 is among the Things to do in Oklahoma City. That is just a fun fact for you, because, the lake is extremely beautiful. When you are here, you can take part in a number of water based activities such as water boating, fishing and of course biking with some golf added to the equation./

Blazers Ice Centre

Not every city has the necessary facilities to take part in some friendly matches of ice hockey. Oklahoma City has the Blazers Ice Centre where you can take part in friendly ice hockey matches. You can bring your own gear or you can rent some at the center. Those who are coming to the city with a large group of friends should come to the Blazers Ice Centre, among the Things to do in Oklahoma City.

The Greens Country Club

Oklahoma City is the financial hub with large amount of commercial activity taking place here. That is why, it comes as no surprise to find so many golf clubs located here. Of all those golf clubs, we could raise our hand for The Greens Country Club. This 18-hole private golf facility, among the Things to do in Oklahoma City, is amongst the most challenging golf courses you will find in the city.

Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse

We have already talked about the best place for Mexican food in the city. What if you are more interested in a steakhouse? We have a suggestion for you and best steakhouse in the city is Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse. Take your entire family or just your special friend and have a great meal at this extravagant restaurant, among the Things to do in Oklahoma City.

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