Things to do in Fort Worth

City of Fort Worth

Fort Worth is the fifth largest city in Texas states and sixteenth largest city in the United States. Fort Worth located in north central Texas and has a population of 741,206 according to 2010 calculation. This city was established in the year of 1849 as an army outpost. When oil began to flow in the north Texas in 1970, this city became the center of dealing. But in 2000, a tornado smashed the city and got damaged many buildings. After 1940s this was the major tornado to strike Fort Worth city. After that from 2000 to 2006 this city again grown up and it was the fastest growing large city in the United States from 2000 to 2006.

Attraction of Fort Worth

You will find many things to do in Fort Worth such as there are many historic places to visit, museum, etc. Also you can do many activities there such as racing, dining, shopping, party etc. The most attractive places you can visit there are the Kimbell Art Museum, Stockyards Championship Rodeo, Sundance Square and Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show, Beaumont Ranch in Grandview etc.

The Kimbell Art Museum is a small but attractive museum at Fort Worth city and things to do in Fort Worth at the Kimbell Art Museum are you can watch many antique collections there. There you will find many collections from many countries such as Asian, American, and European etc. Many exhibitions also going there every day and you can make membership card as well.

Texas Christian University is a famous coeducational university in Fort Worth city and it is a private university. This University offers many courses and also you will find many cultural events there to see. You can keep some time in your things to do in Fort Worth list during visiting this place.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is a well known museum in Fort Worth city and was established in 1892. The mission of this museum is to collect, present and interpreting many international developments post World War II art and you can keep a schedule to visit this place as things to do in Fort Worth list. The current building of this museum is designed by Japanese architect and was opened to the public in 2002.

Fort Worth Stockyards is a National Historic District and you will find many activities and things to do in Fort Worth and can make a list of them. Every day, several events are organized there on different themes such as cattle drives, cow camp, animal’s life etc.

St. Patrick Cathedral is a very famous catholic church in Fort Worth and you can keep some time in your things to do in Fort Worth list during this tour. The construction of this church was started in the year of 1888 and was complete in 1892. This is constructed on 4000 meter square area and many events going there most of the day.

Other important things to do in Fort Worth is visiting the Texas Civil War Museum which is another visible place in Fort Worth and this place attracts many tourists every year. It was developed in 2006 and based on over 15,000 square meters area. It is the largest Civil War Museum on the west side of the Mississippi river. There you will get many gift items to buy which are related to civil war.

Omni Theater is a famous theatre in Texas and was first open in 1983 and over 26 years it is running with a good reputation. This was the first IMAX screen in the southwest and previously the Omni Theater was used to host a show or movie of a maximum length of one hour. But from 2005 by using other technology this theatre started to show a movie or show maximum of 2 and ½ hours.

Another interesting museum you can visit there is Amon Carter Museum of American Art. This museum was established from 1897 to 1955. There you will get to see several paintings and sculpture of American art.

Other than visiting these places you will find many other things to do in Fort Worth such as shopping, dining, entertainment, to visit events etc. Sundance Square is another attractive place and famous for shopping center, dining hall, entertainment, events center etc. This place is pollution free and also you can walk there to get fresh air. You will find different types of food there as well.

Stockyards Championship Rodeo and Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show are places where you will find many activities such as barrel racing, bull riding, calf roping etc and starts at 8pm on every Friday and Saturday. All these places are very attractive and you will find many activities and things to do in Fort Worth.

To take a break from your daily busy life and to spend time with your family and with your nearest one, Fort Worth city in the United States is the perfect place. Here you can spend your time by visiting many places and also can get fresh air for refreshment by walking in a pollution free area such as garden etc.

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