Things to do in Lexington Fayette

City of Lexington Fayette

When you are having holidays you all wish to go out with your family to places which give you satisfaction .There are many places in the world worth seeing. And you could say this about things to do in Lexington-Fayette too.

There are many places in the things to do in Lexington-Fayette which are very famous and must be seen without fail. The most important places of things to do in Lexington-Fayette are as follows:

Rupp Arena

It’s the nation’s second largest basketball arena. It has the largest arena designed for basketball. It has the largest indoor arena. It hosts concerts , conventions and shows. It has been named after its legendary former Kentucky coach Adolph Rupp.

The Red Mile

It’s famous for its Harness Track. Harness racing is kind of a horse racing in which the horses pull the two- wheeled cart. It got its name Red Mile because the track is one mile long and it’s made of red clay .It’s the oldest horse racing track in Lexington-Fayette.

Keeneland Race Course

Lover of horse racing? You will find no place better on Earth to fulfill your dream of being a part of an A-one thoroughbred horse racing facility. Famous for its huge sales complex where hundreds of champions are sold off every year, Keeneland also boasts of a reference library on sports comprising of over 10,000 books, videos and a huge collection of newspaper cutouts and pictures. This truly makes into the list of things to do in Lexington-Fayette.

The Fayette Mall

Your list of things to do in Lexington-Fayette is incomplete if you do not include a visit to the Fayette Mall in it. Whether you are shopping frenzy or just a tourist buying the best of each place, the Fayette Mall must definitely be on your list of things to do in Lexington-Fayette. Posing as Lexington’s largest mall, the Fayette Mall is the home to brands from all over the world.

Kentucky Horse Park

It’s a horse farm and a park on the theme of education, situated on 1224 acres land. It consists of the International Museum of horse. There are lots of horse statues in the Kentucky park. It even hosts the National Horse Show. Kentucky Horse Park ranks among the most outstanding things to do in Lexington-Fayette.

Aviation Museum of Kentucky

Aviation enthusiast? You will find no better things to do in Lexington-Fayette than the Aviation Museum of Kentucky. Built at the Green Grass Airport over a display space of 12,000 sq. ft., the Aviation Museum of Kentucky is the home to airplanes from various eras, training equipments, memorabilia and photographs.

Kentucky Theatre

Located in downtown Lexington, the Kentucky Theatre, is a must visit for a movie buff. If you happen to visit Lexington in summer your things to do in Lexington-Fayette list must include a movie show at the Summer Classics Series, hosted by the theatre every Wednesday throughout summer.

Commonwealth Stadium

Named after the Commonwealth of Kentucky and built within the grounds of the University of Kentucky, the Commonwealth Stadium, is the home ground of the University’s football team. A visit to the stadium is one of the good things to do in Lexington-Fayette.

Whitaker Bank Ballpark

Initially known as Applebee’s Park, the Whitaker Bank Ballpark is the home ground of a minor league baseball team. You can really enjoy the matches held here, the typical ballpark foodstuffs, drinks, and a children’s area. Take out some time to include this place to your things to do in Lexington-Fayette list.

Christ Church Cathedral

Founded in 1796 the Christ Church Cathedral is the main foothold of the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington. Over the years renovations and restorations have taken place so as to preserve its original structure. This can be one of the best things to do in Lexington-Fayette if you are a lover of peace and history, especially of churches and cathedrals.

Central Christian Church

Another important milestone of culture at Lexington is the Central Christian Church. Built in 1816, this church continues to be one of the leading spiritual centers of Lexington. Education is also imparted amongst the masses by the church authorities.

The Hunt-Morgan House

Built by John Wesley Hunt, reputed to be the first millionaire in the west of the Alleghenies, the Hunt-Morgan House(initially known as Hopemont) is a house built in a federal fashion.

Mary Todd Lincoln House

It was the family home of Mary Todd, the first lady and wife of the 16th President Abraham Lincoln .It is now restored in honor of the first lady. It opened to the public as a house museum in things to do in Lexington-Fayette.

This place is worth seeing. You have many places to visit while you are in Lexington-Fayette .And I am sure you will love the place with its horse race courses and the huge pendulum.

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