Things to do in Stockton

City of Stockton

Stockton is situated in the northern part of San Joaquin Valley in California, United States. Among all the cities in the Central Valley region it is the fourth largest. Its area is approximately 64 square miles. The climatic conditions of this place is like, it has mild winters hot, dry summers. This city in California host annual Asparagus Festival which is one of the tourist attractions of this place. Due to its exotic locales, it is one of the favorite spots of film race. Due to its various travel location it is one of the tourist hotspots. There are several things to do in Stockton and several places to visit also.

Things to do in Stockton or places to visit in Stockton, California are:

• The Haggin Museum: The Haggin Museum was named after Louis Terah Haggin. This museum is managed by the San Joaquin Pioneer and Historical Society. It consists of the artifacts collected by James Ben Ali Haggin. It consists of paintings of Joseph Christian Leyendecker, George Inness, Jean-Leon Gerome, Albert Bierstadt and Pierre-Auguste Renoir .It also exhibits paintings of William Bouguereau and Jean Beraud and Rosa Bonheur. It is like a paradise for high admirers of arts. This museum possesses paintings which are ages old and add to its heritage and add an old world charm to the museum. Therefore if you are an artist even if you are not this is one of the things to do in Stockton is to visit the Haggin Museum.

• Historic Bob Hope Theatre: The historic Bob Hope Theatre is named after Bob Hope who is California’s best ever entertainer. This theatre is used for live performance and movies, movie premieres. There are only two theatres in Stockton and Historic Bob Hope Theatre is one of them. This theatre has seen many international movie stars, performers visiting its auditorium. This makes it a must watch and one the other things to do in Stockton.

• The Children’s Museum of Stockton: This building is built in memory of children who used to study in Cleveland Elementary School Museum and lost their lives when a gunman open fired in the school playground in the year 1989. It has now turned into a community where a group of twelve people who are the board members work for children’s welfare and wellbeing. Thus on a humanitarian ground it is one of the places to be visited hence must appear in the things to do in Stockton list.

• Stockton Arena: This is an indoor arena in Stockton, California, United States. This place organizes indoor soccer, ice hockey and arena football. This was opened in the year 2005. There are several hockey and soccer team for whom Stockton is a home ground namely Stockton Thunder ECHL, California Eagles American Indoor Football teams respectively. Thus if you are a sports freak you won’t dare to give it a miss hence it is also one of the things to do in Stockton.

• Banner Island Ballpark: Banner Island Ballpark is a stadium that roughly accommodates fifty three thousand viewers. It is mainly a Baseball stadium and is a home venue for Stockton Ports and California League. Thus one of the things to do in Stockton is to visit this place to be a spectator at a live baseball game.

• Stockton Greek Festival: Stockton green festival is one of the major tourist spots. To attain the Greek Festival many people come to Stockton from every corner of the earth. Here you can get an idea about the culture, music, food and livelihood of Greek. Greece has always been a mystical place and its rituals and mythologies been admired by all. Greek mythologies are always talked about and written as well. Hence having a hand on experience of the Grecian cultural is a thing that hardly anybody will give a miss. So when you plan for a holiday in Stockton make sure attaining the Greek festival is one of the things to do in Stockton that you can’t give a miss.

• Asparagus Festival Stockton: As mentioned earlier Stockton hosts an annual Asparagus Festival. There are several activities that you can participate in like cooking, sports; children can go for rides and several games. Here the local craftsmen showcase their artifacts. This kind of festival encourages the local and extinct crafts of the country those are on verge of being lost. These artifacts are one of the best things you can carry home as a souvenir of this place. Thus attending the Asparagus festival is one of the things to do in Stockton.

Stockton is a place which is also known for its great market. Hence shopping which is an integral part of any tour is also satisfied. Here the local market provides goods from couture to electronic goods which you can keep shopping till you drop. Hence this place provides all from being a shopping destination to an adventure zone. A place for an artist at the same time for people who are crazy about sports.

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