Things to do in Riverside

City of Riverside

Riverside happens to be one of the most populous cities in the state of California. Those who may have a little bit of interest in history might recognize that Riverside is where the citrus industry came into prominence. Others may know it as the home to world famous building, Mission Inn. Even if neither of these things makes you think of Riverside that is okay. You are not coming to Riverside to know about history. You are coming here for vacation.

Riverside is filled with a huge number of attractions. There are simply too many things to watch and a few days of vacationing is never going to be enough. If you are short on time, then here is a shortlist of items that you should really check out when you are driving through Riverside.

March Field Air Museum

There is one problem being an aircraft enthusiast. The interesting aircrafts are always in the sky, away from the public eye. This is a normal thing for most airplanes belong to the military. That is what makes March Field Air Museum the perfect place for aircraft hobbyists to spend time. At the present time there are more than seventy aircrafts that have taken part in many world wars. While there are museums in every city of America, there are few which have real, formerly used airplanes, among things to do in Riverside. If you are even remotely curious about things that fly in the air, you will love this place. Riverside National Cemetery

Cemeteries are odd places. There are a lot of people who find being in a cemetery calm and meaningful. Riverside National Cemetery happens to one of those cemeteries which is not just the resting place for the dead. There are only four Medal of Honor memorials in America and one of them is located at this particular cemetery. You will also find other monuments in this cemetery, among things to do in Riverside. Mission Inn Museum

We have already mentioned that Mission Inn is an important building and it is in this city. Here will you will find collections that are related to many different time periods of Aviation, California Missions and Architecture, among things to do in Riverside. You will also find a number of art related artifacts that belong to The Miller Family, among things to do in Riverside. A true trip through history. Fox Performing Arts Centre

Movies are entertaining but live shows where you get to see real acting. When in Riverside, you get to watch some of the best shows that feature a wide range of special guest acts as well as regulars, among things to do in Riverside. The center has very good parking facilities, restaurants that will keep you well fed. Overall, a fun place for the whole family. Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens are sort of like zoological gardens. Instead of roaring tigers and lions, what you have is a collection of exotic insects, plants and trees. The botanical garden of choice to visit in California would

be the Botanical Gardens of Riverside, among things to do in Riverside, California. They are maintained by the university. When you are enjoying the Aloe Garden's beauty or interested in plant anthropology, the botanical gardens are the best.

Oak Quarry Golf Club

Public golf courses are the best way to challenge yourself. You never know which other player is going to be against you. In Riverside, we have the Oak Quarry Golf Club which has 18-hole worth of challenges waiting for you, amongthings to do in Riverside. The golf club has been designed by the world famous architect Dr. Gil Morgan. The club has four sets of tee boxes and you are bound to have a fantastic time here.

Museum Of Photography

The University of California already looks after the fantastic botanical garden. That's not enough because visiting tourists want more than that. A result of that thought is the Museum of Photography, among things to do in Riverside. This is the place where the creative minds that are part of the university and the general public. You will get to see ground breaking movies as well as photographs at this center.

Rubidoux Drive-In

A long time ago, perhaps decades ago, a perfect date would end by watching a movie at a drive-in. Over the decades drive-ins became a thing of the past. If you are in Riverside, then you do have an option to go back in time. Thanks to the presence of Rubidoux Drive-In, among things to do in Riverside. The place has a fine collection of movies, restaurants and an awesome snack bar menu.

Castle Park

Castle Park is an amusement center that is a lot more than just a simple amusement park. You can do a variety of tasks like renting a cabana, planning a birthday party and take part in a number of attractions like the Dragon Flyer, Screaming Demon and Buccaneer Cover, among things to do in Riverside.

Metropolitan Museum

The Metropolitan Museum has a number of interesting collections. The Museum has a dedicated section for the gallery and that includes the following halls - The American Wing, Ancient Near Eastern Art and Arms and Armor, among things to do in Riverside California. You will also find events that are organized that include roaming collections. You will have a great time here.

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