Things to do in Las Vegas

City of Las Vegas

Las Vegas- this city needs no introduction. Everyone who has ever heard any of the words like gambling, drinking, nightlife, partying and such must know what Las Vegas is a resort city which is internationally renowned, it is known for the best shopping, nightlife, dining and gambling it offers. With a wide variety of things to do in Las Vegas, ranging from normal to crazy and super crazy, this should be the must visit city of everyone who wants to experience what having fun is all about.

Here are some of the best things to do in Las Vegas, right from gambling and shopping to much more:

1. Gambling

There is no shock really that this tops the things to do in Las Vegas. Gambling, this is what Las Vegas is best known for. As the top destination for gambling all over the world, this is surely what is included in the list of things to do in Las Vegas of every tourist.

It offers the finest gambling destinations in the world, with all games available ranging from craps to sports betting to roulette and blackjack. You name it and Vegas has it!

2. View the Bellagio Fountains

This is something that is a must in the things to do in Las Vegas- catch a glimpse at the Bellagio fountains. Between 3 P.M. to 8 P.M, every half, these fountains burst with 1214 sprinters shooting water 460 feet into the air, which starts happening every 15 minutes from 8P.M. to midnight.

Though there are several free shows outside hotels, the one put up by the Bellagio Fountains is a must go to.

3. Visit the Cirque du Soleil

At $165, this may not seem like a very nice way to spend three hours of your evening, but it definitely is worth it. Despite of its French Canadian origins, this is totally Vegas style, and the Cirque along with its former Olympic gymnasts is surely a must visit and truly a one of its kind experience that you can get nowhere in the world.

There is a reason why we say that this is a must in the things to do in Las Vegas. Next trip to Vegas, do check it out.

4. Fancy dining, or the best dining of your life

If for you, money is not an issue (Visiting Vegas you are, that surely cannot be it) then this is the most expensive among all things to do in Las Vegas (except gambling, that too if you lose at it)- have some ‘designer food’. The Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars gives its diners the most inventive and full –on ridiculous Parisian meal in the whole of the United States. If you are alone, then the MGM Grand has an eatery at the bar. Go there, and you will definitely leave with new friends and a big plan for the rest of the night in Vegas. However, if you do worry about the money, then the MGM Grand’s Italian restaurant Fiamma Trattoria & bar is for you. It is among the very few restaurants which is not overpriced and has a great Italian main course.

5. Visit: The Shark Reef Aquarium

While this may not be something you expect to find on a list of things to do in Las Vegas, it surely is one the best. The Shark Reef, half outdoors and half indoors, is a great place to go to in Vegas. Apart from the typical gambling and drinking things to do in Las Vegas, visiting this place is an experience and amazement in itself. Here you can see a lot of sharks, sea turtles and crocodiles. If you have never seen a Komodo dragon, then the Shark Reef is the place to go to!

6. The nightlife and the clubbing

Vegas also offer to its visitors the best clubbing experience of their lives. The reason why this is included in the things to do in Las Vegas is that the clubs here are the best and unique in their own kind. Right from Tao at the Venetian (which is the highest earning restaurant in the U.S.) to the LAX at the Luxor, which is the hottest club presently, are all great and must check out at nights. Also, there is the Bank at the Bellagio, the Tabu at MGM, Pure at Caesars and much more which are Las Vegas’ dancing nightlife at its best!

Las Vegas truly is the best place to visit. It is unlikely that you will ever visit a city livelier, especially in the night. What Vegas and its nightlife offers are beyond comparison and the best that any city or place can offer. So if you are planning a trip to Vegas, then get ready for the best time of your life.

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