Things to do in Tampa

City of Tampa

Florida is well known for the various things to do in Tampa with its lush and thrilling scenery. It houses the waterways which run miles at the coastline and the play of the dolphins and other aquatic creatures. The architecture of the place is well highlighted by the visual delight it provides. You can do tour various famous spots but there is still a long list of things to do in Tampa for your enjoyment. We mention a few of the hotspots here to assist you in your tour to the place.

1. The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)

It is also famous as the MOSI. This museum is worth describing as huge as it has its own IMAX Dome theatre, a planetarium and a hurricane stimulator inside the 400000 square feet campus. The IMAX dome theatre has imagery with 10500 square feet. Here, one can gain knowledge on various floods, lightning, tornadoes and the most thrilling facts about them. It consists of about 450 interactive science exhibits and is the largest science center of the southeast.

2. Tampa Bay History Center

This museum holds the most important information about the civilization history of the place. It has some of the best exhibits to show the Second Seminole war which was the first ethnic war of the country.

3. Busch Gardens Adventure Park

It is one of the important Bay attractions. It is an amusement park that provides enjoyment and fun activities with its varying roller coaster rides. This amusement park provides some thrilling things to do in Tampa and hence a great competitor to the Walt Disney park.

4. The Sunken Gardens

It is a well-known tourist attraction and stands the same beautiful garden over 100 years in St. Petersburg. Watching the mesmerizing waterfalls, butterflies, flamingos and tropical plants are the main things to do in Tampa Sunken Gardens. People admire the lovely greenery and the botanical wonder.

5. Lowry Park Zoo

This oak shaded park houses about 2000 animals and covers an area of about 60 acres. The best things to do in Tampa include visiting this amazing zoo and enjoying the Florida Manatee and Aquatic Centre and the Florida Boardwalk.

6. The Florida Aquarium

This aquarium houses various water exhibits in two levels. Bats, snakes and alligators are kept for display. You can enjoy the fascinating Florida Wetlands Gallery and the Coral reefs. There are various other exhibits which are kept to relate you to the underwater Florida inhabitants.

7. The Big Cat Rescue

This is the place where exotic cats can be found. Well the cats are not normal cats; they are generally panthers and bobcats. The wild cats along with leopards and tigers are spread over the area where you can enjoy a guided tour. The things to do in Tampa Big Cat Rescue is visit them at their time and venue of feedings.

8. Fort De Soto Park

This is the most attractive beach in the nation and visitors have a lot of things to do in Tampa Fort De Soto Park. It consists of five interconnected islands to attract millions of visitors. This is an excellent area for picnics, fishing, canoeing and partying.

9. Adventure Island

This is a fun complex as the name suggests and is located near to the Busch Gardens. It offers beach volleyball and different water play and many things to do in Tampa. It is a complete entertainment for the children and they can enjoy the wave pool of about half an acre.

10. Florida Holocaust Museum

The museum is a place of memorial for the millions of people who met their deaths during the period of the Holocaust. It is a peaceful place and the visitors come here to experience the exhibits of the actual boxcars used in the death camp of Nazi at Treblinka.

11. Salvador Dali Museum

It was originally owned by the Eleanor Morse and Ohio philanthropist Reynolds. They were friends to Salvador Dali. His famous work pieces are kept in this museum. Some of them are the Hallucinogenic Toreador, Portrait of My Dead Brother and the Discovery of America written by Christopher Columbus.

12. Ruth Eckerd Hall Centre for Performing Arts

It is considered to be one of the performing arts center in the whole world which comes in top 10. Al Pacino, Vince Gill, UK national theatre and the Ted Nugent are some of the well known performances. You must schedule your visiting time with respect to the performances here. You can enjoy it with your family.

There are many more things to do in Tampa and enjoy the best of Florida. Some others include attending the Adventure Family Motorsports for a rental motor ride, Yacht Starship dining cruise, the Safari Ranch, the Giraffe Ranch to feed some giraffes yourself. It is worth a place to visit and enjoy the fun moments with the loved ones.

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