Things to do in New Orleans

City of New Orleans

United States of America has always been a melting pot of multiple cultures, especially European. Perhaps the most interesting example of this is New Orleans. New Orleans gets its name from another city located in far off Europe, in the country of France called Orleans. The city has what is called as 'French Creole Architecture', which is one of the many styles of French architecture. This should be a huge factor in your decision making.

If you like French cities, but simply don't have the time or the money to go to France, then New Orleans is the next best thing. The city is famous for a lot more than just French related buildings. You will find world famous festivals as well as lakes. The best of these monuments and sights are listed here for your benefit.

St Charles Avenue

St Charles Avenue is famous for two things. One of it is that, this is the thoroughfare that is home to St. Charles Streetcar Line and among things to do in New Orleans. Given that streetcars are on the wane in most cities in America, New Orleans is your chance to ride one. Another reason for St Charles Avenue enduring popularity are the many mansions that can be found on either side of this long road. They always make for pleasant viewing. If you are lucky, one of the residents may even offer you a tour.

New Orleans Area Plantations

A long time ago, New Orleans was home to a number of plantations. Plantations played an important role in the formerly agricultural based economy of the city and among things to do in New Orleans. Today, plantations may not be economically that important, but they are still relevant to the culture of New Orleans. There are many plantations spread in the outskirts of the city and you should take a tour in at least one of them.

Spring Fiesta

Spring Fiesta is the name given to the annual festival that has to do with historic homes that show the vivid designs of the French architecture. One way of looking at these festivals is like a museum tour, except that you are not viewing monuments. Instead, you are looking at touring homes that are usually not available for touring, but become available during this festival and among things to do in New Orleans.


New Orleans has a collection of museums that allow you to relive history to a large extent. Some of the museums that you will find here are Pharmacy Museum, Wax Museum and Historic Voodoo Museum. The best museum of all this is would be NOMA and among things to do in New Orleans. NOMA is the popular short code for New Orleans Museum of Art, and houses some of the best art pieces that you may have ever seen.


Normally, we are not that thrilled about visiting cemeteries and among things to do in New Orleans. This mostly has to do with the fact that cemetery indicates the end of life and that is always a sad thing. Then again, New Orleans city has always been about being different. That is very evident in the many cemeteries that are located here, and some of them have some seriously beautiful architecture and buildings on display. The most popular cemetery that deserves at least one visit while you are touring is St. Louis Cemetery.

Golf Courses

New Orleans has a long history with plantations and that means a lot of open space. Given this connection, is only natural that the city is filled with gorgeous golf courses. Those who are on business oriented trips and want to indulge in some golfing, will not leave disappointed. Some of the golfing clubs where you can exhibit your golfing skills are Lakewood Golf Club and Stonebridge Golf Club and among things to do in New Orleans.

Audubon Zoo

Audubon Zoo is distinct in that it goes out of its way to make the experience come alive. It has a number of specific attractions as well as exhibits that will keep you and your family on your toes with excitement during your visit. Some of the most fun exhibits include the collection of animals from African Savanna as well as the Asian Domain exhibit and among things to do in New Orleans. The zoo also has a dinosaur themed adventure which alone makes for a visit worth your time.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras, a French phrase, translates to mean, Fat Tuesday. The festival, which takes the shape of a carnival that is spread over two weeks, is an annual event. Each of the fourteen days, one or the other special event is organized and a lot of tourists time their visits to the city during the season of Mardi Gras and among things to do in New Orleans.

Fishing and Boating

So far we have talked about cemeteries, carnivals and even golf courses and among things to do in New Orleans. Sometimes, you don't want to do anything that might be taxing in terms of physical effort. Specifically for those tourists who just want to enjoy the nice weather that the city of New Orleans has to offer, there are fishing and boating recreation activities. There are a lot of lakes in and around the city. A simple search online should lead you to the nearest such recreation facility.


Movie fans will be familiar with IMAX technology which applies to large movie screens and among things to do in New Orleans. Many fans consider IMAX experience has the only way to enjoy epic movies. If you are such a movie fan, then New Orleans has one of the largest IMAX screens in the country.

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