Things to do in Santa Ana

City of Santa Ana

Santa Ana is the most populous city of Orange county, California. Some of its most famous places include the Old Orange County Courthouse, Browers museum, Old City Hall, Minter house and Broadway Street. The things to do in Santa Ana range from museums play centers, science centers and a zoo.

The Atlantis Play Center is something that should be added to the things to do in Santa Ana with your kids. Lids can play on the on the concrete animals or slide down the shaped like a serpent. There are jungle gyms, swings and all the other playground amenities you could think of. If you want to have a picnic, you could even choose an area for picnicking. You could either use the area under a tree or a picnic area dedicated to parties and big groups. This is a place where kids are not allowed without the adults and there are no adults allowed without their kids. There’s no excuse now to keep your kids and move around separately.

Bowers Museum is known for its Cultural Art, but is actually more like the best all-around museum in all of Orange County. It is a newly expanded complex and even has new and improved exhibition spaces. Mr. Charles Bowers has funded the entire complex. The structure takes after the building technique of the California Missions, and is ornamented with frescos honoring that ornamentation. It was originally intended that the museum will focus only on local history. However, since the past few years the museum has enlarged its focus to incorporate artifacts from the cultures of Southeast Asia, Oceania, Mexico and Native America. Understanding the history of these cultures could be one of the things to do in Santa Ana.

If one of the things to do in Santa Ana is to run your imagination wild, then you and your family should visit the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, California. You can have fun with their 120 exhilarating hands-on displays at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana. The things to do in Santa Ana Discovery Science Center are the Perception, Quake Zone, Dynamic Earth, Techno Arts, Air & Space, Discovery Stadium, Dino Quest and Kids Station. You can challenge your family to Virtual Volleyball, dance across the Musical Floor, compose music on the Laser Beam Harp, acquaint yourself with the tremors in the Shake Shack, find yourself lying on the Bed of Nails and much more Dino Quest – the world's first interactive Dinosaur Adventure is another part in the things to do in Santa Ana.

The Old Courthouse Museum is situated in southern California's earliest courthouse. It was built in the early 1900s in the Romanesque Revival style. The things to do in Santa Ana include viewing the rotating exhibits about local history in the Old Courthouse Museum. A great portion of the structure has been reinstated to its initial condition, together with the aboriginal courtroom and the judge's chamber, which are accessible to the public.

Always keep a zoo in your list of things to do in Santa Ana. The Santa Ana Zoo is small yet has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. A re-creation of an Amazon rainforest which will draw admiration and enthuse the youth as well as the old similarly is some things to do in Santa Ana that you should not miss. Kids can pamper anything they like: pot- bellied pigs or sheep. Get a few thrills from the Zoofari Express train. Monkey Row is the residence to various breeds of primates; Dusky Titi monkeys, apes or lemurs. The Australian Yard constitutes wallabies and emus whilst the Endangered Species region contains Diana Guenon monkeys and bald eagles. There are certain things to do in Santa Ana Zoo to amuse nearly anybody with inquisitiveness about the magnificent race of animals.

The Center for Contemporary Art is located in the Santa Ana arts village. All kinds of artists throng the area, displaying their exhibitions whether large or small. There are different themes to look at in different media, so it will never bore you as you will never see the same kind of works over and over again. If music runs in your veins, you can catch the many concerts that are held in Santa Ana all-round the year. These concerts are mostly free of cost, and feature a variety of local and visiting bands. It is a unique and entertaining experience to enjoy both the music and the artwork at the same time / venue. It has been 25 years since the inception of the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.

Other places that you should add to your list of things to do in Santa Ana include Westfield Mainplace, Galaxy Concert Theatre, Bistro 400, Episcopal Church of the Messiah and the Second Stage Theatre.

The city of Santa Ana is the melting pot of everything in culture, history, education and fun things to do.

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