Things to do in Memphis

City of Memphis

Memphis is one of the largest cities in Tennessee, underlined by its importance as a commercial center of importance to the State. Memphis is primarily known for three things - Art galleries, Museums, well maintained parks and Graceland. For those who are new to the music scene, Graceland is the place of birth of Elvis Presley, the legendary musician. If you are a fan of any type of music, not just rock and roll, you should consider making Graceland a part of your travel plans. The city also has a fine collection of other forms of entertainment like Zoo and shopping centers for visitors and residents to splurge on.

Memphis Zoo

There are many Zoos in America, but none that have a large collection with such diversity as the Memphis Zoo. Children and adults alike love watching animals running around, playing with animal toys and in general, having a good time. You will have the best zoo experience at this zoo which houses over 3500 animals that span across 500 species. Name your favorite animal and chances are, the Memphis Zoo has it. This is among the things to do in Memphis.

Stax Museum of American Soul Music

Soul music is a genre of music is that has achieved a great amount of popularity. Playing an important role in the history of soul music was Stax Records. Over time, Stax Records was eventually shut down. The offices were then converted into the Stax Museum of American Soul Music. Anyone who has even a passing interest in music, should add this to their trip list. You will really appreciate soul music as you tour through the halls of this museum like never before. The Stax Museum is among the things to do in Memphis.


Elvis Presley is a name that everybody has heard of. If you have always been curious about Elvis Presley and want to get a peek into the life of the music legend, Graceland is the place to be. This mansion turned Elvis Presley museum has a collection of memorabilia and other items that connect to the life of the music star. For the best experience, dress up like the legend himself and tour the mansion that is among the things to do in Memphis.

Memphis Botanic Garden

When it comes to watching nature, plants may not be as exciting as animals. While animals are fun to watch, the only way to truly appreciate nature is to be in the middle of it. In order to do that, head over to the Memphis Botanic Garden, that happens to be among the things to do in Memphis. The botanical garden, which stretches over more than 90 acres of pure nature, is a place to relax and enjoy nature's true beauty.

Mud Island River Park

The Mud Island is in fact a peninsula, formed thanks to the Mississippi River. This island, accessible by train as well as foot, is quite popular for its park. The park is unique in that it contains replica models of the city it belongs. It also has a museum of its own and is definitely among the things to do in Memphis.

National Civil Rights Museum

The civil rights movement played an important role in shaping up the modern society of America. For those who are not satisfied what the history books and movies have to say about the civil rights movement, the best way to experience it is through the National Civil Rights Museum. The museum is built around the motel where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. It goes into detail about the movement from its earliest days in the 17th century to modern times. Be part of history by checking out this place, definitely, among the things to do in Memphis.

Brooks Museum of Art

There is no running away from it. Memphis is a place filled with museums dedicated to the history of America. If you love museums, then another museum to visit in Memphis would be Brooks Museum of Art. Starting almost a century ago, today the Brooks Museum of Art is house to some of the grandest paintings and includes collections of Baroque, Italian Renaissance and modern art. As an art related landmark, this is surely among the things to do in Memphis.

Sun Studio

Sun Studio would be a familiar to any person who only has an introductory knowledge about Elvis Presley. This is the studio where a young Elvis Presley recorded his first song. Sun Studio is also the studio where the first rock and roll song was recorded, sealing its place as the birth of rock and roll. Among the things to do in Memphis, Sun Studio is definitely in the top ten.

Gibson Guitar Factory

Guitar music plays a central role in Rock and Roll music. Given that Memphis is home to Elvis Presley, Sun Studio and other phenomenon tightly connected to this type of music, it is only natural that it has a museum dedicated to guitars. Such a museum is the Gibson Guitar Factory. At this factory, you will find the guitars that were used by legends such as Elvis Presley and Pete Townsend. Music lovers cannot miss a tour of this factory and have to consider this among the things to do in Memphis./p>

Tom Lee Park

So far, we have told you about museums, studios and monuments. After you have lived through all these places, you might be in the mood for a nice evening walk. For that and more, you should head over to the Tom Lee Park. The park is nestled in the middle of a busy neighborhood and still has its own charm. Weekends usually come with events that can make your day and bring it to a satisfactory close. Enjoy this park for it is among the things to do in Memphis.

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